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Rick Gabrielly, Self-Care & Wellness Business Advisor

"Your Life IS Your Message"

My Passions

Rick Gabrielly is a passionate husband, father, author and American Wellness Entrepreneur. Rick’s limitless enthusiasm, love of technology, and energy medicine inspires and motivates others. 

Spiritually Speaking

By choosing LOVE over fear, Rick creates an environment of high-vibration, light-filled possibilities to help others uncover, cultivate and celebrate their own unique gifts, as well as the gifts in those around them.

Making An Impact

Rick helps holistic, natural health & wellness practitioners create practices for both purpose and profit. Connecting them with an ideal audience seeking the highest quality self-care options is his gift. 

Journey with Rick

Scarsdale Dental Spa

At Scarsdale Dental Spa we combine clinical excellence with comforting treatment. From the moment you enter you'll be made to feel welcomed, relaxed and comfortable. We'll serve you your favorite beverage, place a warm herbal wrap on your neck, soothe you with soft music and aromatherapy and provide you with state-of-the-art dental care.

The Marriage BOSS

I care deeply about the husbands (and wives) and the fathers (and children) of this world, and I’ve made it my life’s mission to help you build the life you want. The life you and your family deserve. My passion is to provide you with the mindset, tools and mentoring you need to restore your personal power, help you make and keep more money, and have a relationship that fills your cup (overflows it, really.)

Greene Healing Partnership

If you are a holistic or natural health and wellness provider and you’ve always wanted to get out in the community and share your gifts with people who really appreciate you, now is the time to join us. We are hard-wired for connection and GHP is on a mission to connect everyone with the self-care options they deserve both at work and at home. 

BEMER Energy Medicine

BEMER helps Your body do what it does naturally: Heal Itself. Come experience this revolutionary FDA Registered Class One Medical Device from Germany, and see why NASA chose to partner with us. Improve circulation, mental acuity, cardio fitness and efficient removal of toxins and metabolic waste. For You. For Life. For Energy.

Bestselling Author

So many husbands feel shame and embarrassment around their own money story and many wives feel insecure, oppressed and silent. We are unable to talk openly to each other. The resulting disconnection leads to a loss of personal power, which affects all other areas of our lives. It’s time for you to tap into the source of your true wealth: The Hidden Currency in Your Marriage. 

Good Press

Serving a global audience of Self-Care and Wellness Partners provides lots of great opportunities to connect and network with like-minded, like-hearted people each day. Rick loves sharing his favorite products and services, as well as fresh ideas with everyone he meets. Whether one-on-one, via Skype, FaceTime or at in-person events, we all win when we share collaboratively.


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